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Support Groups & Local Co-ops

The following section contains information about home school support groups (state, national, and local) and provides a list of local area co-ops.


Texas State Organizations

  • T.H.S.C. (Texas Home School Coalition) PEACH recommends that all members join THSC.  They handle legal homeschooling issues across Texas.  Membership in THSC carries legal protection in cases of government interference.   You can join THSC at a discount if you are a member of PEACH!  
  • The helpful people at THSC also provide homeschooling information particular to our great state of Texas. They lobby for homeschoolers' issues in Austin; they alert homeschoolers across the state to issues concerning changes or possible changes in our rights as homeschoolers; and they maintain an extensive communication network of homeschool support groups across the state.
  • Several of the more tangible benefits they provide include an annual publication of "Handbook for Texas Homeschoolers", Teacher ID cards and Student ID cards. It's the best publication that highlight specifics about homeschooling in Texas.  Every Texas homeschooler should have a copy of the "Handbook for Texas Homeschoolers" and should join THSC!
  • Heart of Texas (Home Educators Alliance for Resources and Training of Texas, Inc.)    HEART of Texas is a regional alliance of home school support group leaders who have a HEART for homeschoolers!  They provide leadership, support, and information as well as encourage political participation within the homeschool community through communications, networking activities, and events directed at home school support groups and families in the Greater Dallas / Fort Worth region. To view a list of upcoming Homeschool Events put together by HEART, please click HERE.
  • N.T.H.E.N. (North Texas Homeschool Educators Network)  This organization is a regional support group serving local home school support group leaders in North Texas.  NTHEN also sponsors the Plano Home School Conference and Book Fair, which is held each August at the Plano Conference Center.


National Organizations

  • H.S.L.D.A. (Home School Legal Defense Association)  If you are able, PEACH recommends that members also join HSLDA. They handle legal homeschooling issues across all 50 states (and territories as well) and at the federal level. Their focus is not only on the federal level, it's on the individual homeschooling families, too. In fact, membership in HSLDA carries legal protection in cases of government interference. And you can join HSLDA at a discount if you are a member of PEACH!   


Plano Area Co-ops

  • PATH Co-op  (Plano Area Texas Homeschoolers
  •  Click HERE to visit the PATH website.
  • ECC Co-op (Enrichment Classes of Carrollton)
  •  Click HERE to visit the ECC website.
  • THEO Co-op (The Home Educators Outsourcing solution)    
  •  Click HERE to visit the THEO website




Other Local Support Groups

  • Frisco - Frisco HIS
    Frisco H.I.S. began in 1995 when a handful of friends began meeting together in an upstairs room of The Abbey Cafe in Frisco, TX. They had all chosen to educate their children at home, and desired to meet together for encouragement, fellowship, and to share ideas.

MArCH is a volunteer, non-profit homeschool organization where our first priority is to glorify God and pursue Godly character. MArCH provides support meetings, newsletters, fall and spring co-op classes, field trips, activities, homeschool resources, fellowship, ministry opportunities, and venues for your children to present their accomplishments.


RHSA exists to provide support and encouragement to families who are educating and training their children at home. RHSA promotes homeschooling through Biblical Principles. Monthly meetings are designed to provide information, training, discussion and fellowship. Committees are established to help delegate the work and allow many volunteers to participate. NEWS is our monthly newsletter used to maintain communication with our members. Teaching Co-op exists to supplement our children’s education. Scouting - RHSA has very active Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout programs. These give our boys and girls an opportunity to enjoy the many activities of scouting with other homeschool children.

  • Denton - DCHSA
    DCHSA is based upon a distinctly Christian world view.  The founders of our organization believed that true education cannot take place apart from the acknowledgment of the one true Creator God and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Information and links on the PEACH website does not necessarily indicate endorsement by PEACH.  Information is provided to PEACH members to assist in home schooling their children.  PEACH members are expected to verify information and investigate for themselves whether information from these links would be appropriate for their particular family situation.

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